Serbia recognized the loss of Kosovo


Serbian President Alexander Vucic spoke on a special session of parliament devoted to relations with Kosovo and summed up the disappointing outcome: Serbia suffered a serious national, economic and territorial defeat and completely lost control over Kosovo.


“We need to recognize that we have been defeated. We lost the territory,” - asquotes Reuters.


Kosovo declared independence in 2008, 9 years after NATO pulled out control of the territory from Belgrade with the help of air strikes. However, Serbia, considering Kosovo as part of its territory, did not recognize independence, and has since blocked its membership in international institutions. For more than 10 years, the theme of independence of Kosovo was banned among the Serbs, who consider the republic to be the cradle of their nation.

A dialogue between the participants was started in 2013 - they were united by a joint desire to join the EU, and for this it was necessary to establish relations. But the negotiations reached an impasse in November last year, when Pristina imposed a 100% tax on all imported goods from Serbia. This could seriously harm the Serbian economy.

Kosovo attacks

But, apparently, the Kosovo authorities are tired of waiting. Their tax policy is nothing more than a sign to Belgrade that it is time to act faster and recognize the independence of the republic.

“Kosovo Albanians can no longer tolerate, and with the support of the United States they begin to use force. This morning they invaded several regions of the country and arrested from 13 to 20 people (according to various sources) - this is a sign to Belgrade saying «admit us more quickly»,” – as Guskova Elena Yuryevna, a Soviet and Russian historian and an expert on the history of the Yugoslav peoples, comments on the situation.

Alexander Vucic also commented on the invasion and stated that the Kosovo special forces were aiming to leave several regions without police protection. In response, the Serbian Armed Forces were put on alert.

Russian reaction

Russia is monitoring the situation in Kosovo and is ready to provide support to Serbia. According to the Russian Embassy in Belgrade, Russian citizen Mikhail Krasnoshchekov, a member of the United Nations Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo, was detained in Kosovo. The official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, considers the invasion of special forces as another provocation and the establishment of control over the regions by force: "It is clear that such defiant behavior of Kosovars is a direct consequence of many years indulging from the EU and the United States ", - as quotes Zakharova the official website of the Ministry.

If the Serbian leadership makes concessions to the EU and the Albanians on the issue of Kosovo and Metohija, this region can be lost forever. Therefore, this moment is critical for choosing the path of Serbia.
With the current behavior of Vucic, this is quite possible. If the act of alienation will be carried out at the behest of the official Belgrade, then Russia will not be able to assist the Serbs.


The best solution would be to deepen Serbia’s cooperation with Russia on military-technical cooperation, including the possibility of the presence of the Russian military in Serbia.