What brings the Bilderberg club meeting


On Thursday, representatives of the world elite gathered in the Swiss city of Montreux to discuss issues of the world agenda. The meeting traditionally takes place behind closed doors, and any disclosure of information is strictly prohibited. On the agenda are Russia, China, cybersecurity issues and Brexit.

Idea and practice

At the first sight, the very idea of ​​meetings in the Bilderberg club seems to be drawn from the classic English gentlemen's clubs - let us recall the same Silence Club in Conan Doyle. And really, what could be the use of meeting the richest and most influential people on the planet behind a closed door? Interviewer at the highest level?

But in fact, experts say, the Bilderberg club has great practical benefits as today it is the most important discussion platform. Denis Healy, former Minister of Finance of the United Kingdom, was one of the founders of this club. “Bilderberg meetings are the most useful international meetings I’ve ever attended,” Healy said. “Since everything happens behind closed doors, participants freely express their opinions without fear of consequences.” - quotes Healy BBC.

Bilderberg club meetings are held annually for more than 60 years. This is a kind of international conference that brings together former and current world leaders, politicians, as well as heads of major media and businessmen. In 2019, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, French Finance Minister Bruno Le Mayor and other influential Western politicians will gather for a four-day meeting.


The first informal meeting was held in the Dutch city of Osnabrück in 1954. The meeting was initiated by the Kingdom of the Netherlands in order to discuss the promotion of Atlantism - a special alliance between the United States and the countries of Western Europe in the context of confrontation with the USSR.

For more than half a century of its existence, the aura of mystery was firmly entrenched in the Bilderberg club; it appeared more than once in various conspiracy theories about world government.