Alexandr Bovdunov

Author publications

Title Date Languagesort descending
Withdrawal from Syria and Putin's dual realism 17.03.2016 English
Superhuman as American national myth 13.01.2016 English
Comey’s firing - postponement of the coup d'état in the USA 11.05.2017 English
What Putin says and what Putin does 24.06.2016 English
Ralph Peters: the concept of constant conflict 16.04.2016 English
Political-geographical image of Eastern Europe and Orientalism 22.01.2016 English
Zbignew Brzezinski: Death of Demiurge 27.05.2017 English
Eastern Vector of Romanian Geopolitics 13.07.2016 English
Schmitt in America: Against liberal totalitarianism 21.04.2016 English
Central Europe Discourse and Its Political Function 26.01.2016 English
Brazil elections: the "Market" candidate VS geopolitical disaster 06.10.2018 English
Russia and Turkey: Prospects for long-term cooperation 12.08.2016 English
New Eastern Europe: The Atlanticist project 29.04.2016 English
Eastern Europe: Civilizational Specialty and Modern Geopolitical Situation 16.02.2016 English
Brazil: With both Bolsonaro and Haddad the sociability gap would become deeper 07.10.2018 English
Euphrates Shield : problems and prospects for the US 30.08.2016 English
Poland: The Jagiellonian Alternative 10.05.2016 English
6th column: American Ideology’s Influence on Russian IR Studies 08.03.2016 English
Poland: Nationalist March Nationalized 10.11.2018 English
Anti(Fascists): The Globalist’s terror army 23.04.2017 English
The Great Manipulator: Magic and Modern Society 10.06.2016 English
Charles Williams: "Imagen del Imperio" - ¿Imagen de Sofía? 13.06.2020 Spanish
Mircea Eliade: Illo Tempore, "Boicot de la historia", y Tradicionalismo campesino 20.07.2020 Spanish
Proyecto ruso para el Kurdistán: Una alternativa a lo que puede ser la instrumentalización de los kurdos por los atlantistas 01.09.2020 Spanish
Los fundamentalistas contra los libertalistas: Lo importante que es el enfrentamientro entre los vicepresidenciales de los Estados Unidos 12.10.2020 Spanish