Andrew Korybko

Author publications

Titlesort descending Date Language
Russia and Pakistan 14.09.2017 English
Russia And Syria: Different Systems For Different States 26.12.2016 English
Russia and the United States: Incompatibility of Identities or Great Power Competition? 09.11.2014 English
Russia Needs To Embrace Ethiopia…Now! 16.09.2016 English
Russia, Turkey and Kurdish Issue 30.06.2016 English
Russia, Turkey and NATO 29.07.2016 English
Russia: Greater Eurasia Scenarios 08.10.2016 English
Russian Perceptions on Afghanistan’s Peace Process: A Way Forward 15.05.2017 English
Russia’s Diplomatic Balancing Act In Asia Is To the Benefit Of Its Chinese Ally 19.08.2016 English
Santa Sofía: ¿Choque de civilizaciones o reafirmación de la identidad civilizacional? 13.07.2020 Spanish
Saving Syria vs Getting Rid Of Gulen: What’s More Important For Russia? 31.07.2016 English
Si Crimea importa, Rusia debería apoyar a Cachemira 08.08.2019 Spanish
South America In The Emerging Multipolar World Order 19.04.2017 English
South American Geopolitics 20.06.2017 English
South American History, Part I 30.05.2017 English
South American History, Part II 12.06.2017 English
South Asia – new geopolitical battlefield 04.10.2016 English
South Asia: Greater Eurasia Scenarios 26.09.2016 English
South Sudan and the Ugandan-Kenyan Divergence 21.07.2016 English
South Sudan’s Total Collapse Could Destroy Central And Eastern Africa 12.07.2016 English
Sudán del Sur y la divergencia Uganda-Kenia 16.09.2016 Spanish
Sur de Asia: escenarios de la gran Eurasia 28.09.2016 Spanish
Syria Should Avoid Replicating Russia’s Federal-Autonomy Model 30.12.2016 English
Syria’s Democracy Is The Last Defense Against Federalization 18.03.2016 English
Tanzania And The Secret To Identity Inclusiveness 05.08.2016 English