Andrew Korybko

Author publications

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Russia, Turkey and Kurdish Issue 30.06.2016 English
Russia, Turkey and NATO 29.07.2016 English
Russia: Greater Eurasia Scenarios 08.10.2016 English
Russian Perceptions on Afghanistan’s Peace Process: A Way Forward 15.05.2017 English
Russia’s Diplomatic Balancing Act In Asia Is To the Benefit Of Its Chinese Ally 19.08.2016 English
Saving Syria vs Getting Rid Of Gulen: What’s More Important For Russia? 31.07.2016 English
Si Crimea importa, Rusia debería apoyar a Cachemira 08.08.2019 Spanish
South America In The Emerging Multipolar World Order 19.04.2017 English
South American Geopolitics 20.06.2017 English
South American History, Part I 30.05.2017 English
South American History, Part II 12.06.2017 English
South Asia – new geopolitical battlefield 04.10.2016 English
South Asia: Greater Eurasia Scenarios 26.09.2016 English
South Sudan and the Ugandan-Kenyan Divergence 21.07.2016 English
South Sudan’s Total Collapse Could Destroy Central And Eastern Africa 12.07.2016 English
Sudán del Sur y la divergencia Uganda-Kenia 16.09.2016 Spanish
Sur de Asia: escenarios de la gran Eurasia 28.09.2016 Spanish
Syria Should Avoid Replicating Russia’s Federal-Autonomy Model 30.12.2016 English
Syria’s Democracy Is The Last Defense Against Federalization 18.03.2016 English
Tanzania And The Secret To Identity Inclusiveness 05.08.2016 English
The Afro-Eurasian Blueprint For A Multipolar World Order 13.08.2016 English
The Altai-Xinjiang Water Pipeline, Color Revolutions, And Water Wars 09.05.2016 English
The Battle Of The Blocs 26.06.2017 English
The Cash Crisis Is What “Make In India” Is Supposed To Look Like 25.11.2016 English
The Death Of SAARC Gave Birth To “Greater South Asia” 07.11.2016 English