Costantino Ceoldo

Costantino Ceoldo is Pravda freelancer.

Author publications

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Syria: an American Senator speaks 03.08.2018 English
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The mid-August crisis 12.08.2019 English
Recep Tayyip Erdoğan: a possible (short) political profile 27.03.2018 English
Italy: One year after the March elections 13.05.2019 English
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They sense the end 27.08.2018 English
One Hero less 06.01.2020 English
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Two minutes of hatred 20.08.2019 English
In Deir Ezzor you rise the cross 01.04.2018 English
Iran 2019: peace or war? 27.05.2019 English
Free fall 11.12.2017 English
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Something is moving 28.07.2018 English
Richard Black speaks about Syria (and not only) 26.08.2019 English
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