Friedrich Hansen

Dr. Friedrich Hansen writes for the Asian Times Online, Brussels Journals and many others.

Author publications

Title Datesort ascending Language
Why Personality Matters 19.02.2018 English
Jerusalem goes East 25.01.2018 English
Philosophy of Authority 04.01.2018 English
Freedom of Perspective and the Visual Handicap 14.11.2017 English
Brexit – A Particular Perspective 16.10.2017 English
Wasting Man 26.09.2017 English
Rainbow Colonialism 15.09.2017 English
Trump skewering Me-Pods 17.07.2017 English
Trump goes East 16.06.2017 English
Cultural Protestantism or Cultural Marxism 09.05.2017 English
The Return of Belle Epoch Hysteria 17.04.2017 English
Oedipus Sex versus Authority 22.03.2017 English
Recapturing our Brains 29.12.2016 English