Germán Gorráiz López


Author publications

Title Datesort ascending Language
France's exit from NATO? 20.09.2021 English
Il futuro del Venezuela passa per il Messico? 16.08.2021 Italian
Does the future of Venezuela go through Mexico? 14.08.2021 English
The decline of Donald Trump 08.01.2021 English
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Is the Visegrad Group America's Trojan Horse? 23.11.2020 English
Total war between Macron and Erdogan? 28.10.2020 English
Is Erdogan the new geopolitical outcast? 06.10.2020 English
JKF and the weightlessness of the myth 21.08.2020 English
Will the EU-US trade war provoke the belated reaffirmation of European sovereignty? 16.08.2020 English
The new geopolitical architecture of Latin America 28.07.2020 English
Iran, guardian of the Gulf 21.07.2020 English
COVID-19 and the Multidimensional Individual 27.06.2020 English
Can Donald Trump be disabled? 09.06.2020 English
Racism in the US: The African-American Dystopia 05.06.2020 English
Will Germany exit the Euro? 12.05.2020 English
Is Trump Looking for an Orange Revolution in Cuba? 18.04.2020 English
Requiem for the global economy? 18.03.2020 English
Boris Johnson and the Europe post Brexit 28.02.2020 English
Israele sta preparando una nuova guerra? 12.01.2020 Italian
Is Israel Preparing for a New War? 10.01.2020 English
How many Palestinian deaths can the world accept without flinching? 17.05.2018 English
The decline of the European Union 04.05.2017 English
Trump and the Return of the Monroe Doctrine 13.03.2017 English
Is Israel Preparing for a New Middle East War? 22.02.2017 English