Konrad Rekas

Author publications

Title Datesort ascending Language
General Soleimani, the Martyr Who Changed the World 02.01.2021 English
¿Rusia salvará a Occidente (de nuevo)? O solo salvará al mundo… 10.11.2019 Spanish
La Russie sauvera-t-elle l’Occident (à nouveau), ou tout simplement le monde ? 05.10.2019 French
Will Russia Save the West (Again)? Or Just Will Save the World… 20.09.2019 English
Perfidious Albion and Completing the Eurasian Civil War 17.07.2019 English
President of the East with the Patriarch of the West 04.07.2019 English
Starring Volodymyr Zelensky as a “President of Ukraine” 27.04.2019 English
Casus of Macedonia, or NATO and EU (again) on Hitler's Path 08.02.2019 English
Poland as a Scum of the World? 19.01.2019 English
Mercader’s Axe, or Rise and Death of the Soviet Union 02.01.2019 English
Does the Part of the World Need… the Islamic Revolution? 20.12.2018 English
„Greater Albania” – project against Albanians? 13.12.2018 English
(Almost Monty Python's) The Meaning of BREXIT 12.12.2018 English
„The Poppies Blow…” 11.11.2018 English
4 November 1979 – Iranian Lesson 02.11.2018 English
Poles – Traitors or Lost Slavic Brothers? 08.10.2018 English
The Most Pro-European State in the World 20.06.2018 English
United We Stand 14.05.2018 English
Iranian Oil and European Independence 19.04.2018 English
How Britain Provoked Two World Wars and Tries to Make It for The Third Time 03.04.2018 English
Scotland Towards the Russophobic Campaign in UK 25.03.2018 English
Zionist Aggression Against European Nations 22.02.2018 English
No Chance for POLEXIT, unless… 20.01.2018 English
Jerusalem and Trump 26.12.2017 English
About the (Almost) Ideal State 16.12.2017 English