Leonid Savin

Geopolitical analyst, Chief editor of Geopolitica.ru (from 2008), founder and chief editor of Journal of Eurasian Affairs (eurasianaffairs.net); head of the administration of International "Eurasian movement". Former Chief editor of Katehon site and magazine (2015 - 2017).

Director of the Foundation of monitoring and forecasting of development for the cultural-territorial spaces (FMPRKTP).

Member of the Military-scientific society of the Ministry of Defence of Russia.

Author of numerous books on geopolitics, conflicts, international relations and political philosophy issued in Russia, UK, Spain, Iran, Italy, Serbia and Ukraine.

Author publications

Title Datesort ascending Language
The Three Seas Initiative And Global Britain 12.10.2021 English
Die Drei-Meere-Initiative und Global Britain 09.10.2021 German
Swamp Power oder die Macht des Schlamms 07.10.2021 German
L'UE tente de s'implanter dans la région indo-pacifique 06.10.2021 French
EU dringt Indo-Pacifische regio binnen 04.10.2021 Dutch
How Much Will It Cost To Enlarge NATO? 24.09.2021 English
US Deterrence And The Weaponisation Of Space 09.09.2021 English
The ANZUS Security Treaty At 70 02.09.2021 English
Japan’s Defence White Paper 30.07.2021 English
Greenpeace e Greta Thunberg: O Ecologismo como Arma do Globalismo 28.07.2021 Portuguese, Brazil
L'écologie comme arme du mondialisme 27.07.2021 French
Ecology As A Weapon Of Globalism 22.07.2021 English
La nuova strategia russa per la sicurezza nazionale 16.07.2021 Italian
Russia’s New National Security Strategy 15.07.2021 English
L'Unione Europea pronta ad aiutare gli Stati Uniti a contrastare la Cina 25.06.2021 Italian
EU Ready To Help US Counter China 23.06.2021 English
Géopolitique pour les Geeks 11.06.2021 French
GG or Geek Geopolitics. Part II 24.05.2021 English
El Comité de Inteligencia de los EEUU 28.04.2021 Spanish
La ideología y la práctica política de los eurasiáticos 27.04.2021 Spanish
US Intelligence Community Pumping Up The Fear 23.04.2021 English
The US Military Around The World 06.04.2021 English
Mexico Turns Towards Multipolarity 05.03.2021 English
Estonian Intelligence Has Become A Mouthpiece For Anti-Russian Propaganda 26.02.2021 English