Leonid Savin

Geopolitical analyst, Chief editor of Geopolitica.ru (from 2008), founder and chief editor of Journal of Eurasian Affairs (eurasianaffairs.net); head of the administration of International "Eurasian movement". Former Chief editor of Katehon site and magazine (2015 - 2017).

Director of the Foundation of monitoring and forecasting of development for the cultural-territorial spaces (FMPRKTP).

Member of the Military-scientific society of the Ministry of Defence of Russia.

Author of numerous books on geopolitics, conflicts, international relations and political philosophy issued in Russia, UK, Spain, Iran, Italy, Serbia and Ukraine.

Author publications

Titlesort descending Date Language
Fattorie di troll americani, IA e Cyberwar (II) 25.03.2019 Italian
Fattorie di troll americani, IA e Cyberwar (I) 14.03.2019 Italian
Fighting for the Arctic 21.08.2014 English
Five Reasons why Donald Trump is better for Russia 01.09.2016 English
Five years of the Arab Spring English
From Hegemony To Hedgemony 13.10.2020 English
From Hybrid Warfare to Hybrid Lawfare 10.04.2017 English
Geo-economy issues 18.02.2016 English
Geopolítica Tecnológica: Tendências Globais 20.01.2022 Portuguese, Brazil
Geopolitics of Russian language English
Geopolitics of South Asia and Interests of Russia 12.03.2020 English
Géopolitique pour les Geeks 11.06.2021 French
German "Marshall Plan" for Africa 15.05.2017 English
Gerontocracy And Dead-End Liberalism 14.09.2018 English
GG or Geek Geopolitics. Part II 24.05.2021 English
Gli Stati Uniti si preparano alla guerra con la Russia? 17.06.2019 Italian
Greenpeace e Greta Thunberg: O Ecologismo como Arma do Globalismo 28.07.2021 Portuguese, Brazil
Grey Zone: a theoretical concept and strategic tool of the West 29.11.2021 English
Guerra de proxy en Libia y el cambio de equilibrio geopolítico en África del norte 23.07.2020 Spanish
Hedgemony: O Novo Jogo de Tabuleiro desenvolvido para o Pentágono 29.11.2021 Portuguese, Brazil
Hillary Clinton and Cookstoves 11.08.2016 English
How Much Will It Cost To Enlarge NATO? 24.09.2021 English
Human Dehumanisation 24.02.2020 English
Hybrid Terrorism in Europe 25.03.2016 English
Hypocrisy Superpower Inc. 07.07.2017 English