Luis Lázaro Tijerina

Luis Lázaro Tijerina was born in Salina, Kansas on December 29, 1945. His father, Luis G. Tijerina, was a retired sergeant and labor contractor for Mexican Braceros and Mexican American farm workers. Mr. Luis Lázaro Tijerina received his education in Kansas and Vermont. He holds a Master of Arts Degree in history, his concentration being military history and diplomacy.  Mr. Luis Lázaro Tijerina is also a published poet and short story writer.  He resides in Vermont and Quebec, QC.

Author publications

Title Datesort ascending Language
The Pseudo-Leninist Stephen K. Bannon 13.03.2017 English
NATO, Military Spending, and Grand Strategy 27.02.2017 English
EU’S INFOWAR ON RUSSIA 31.01.2017 English
Poland: Political Swingers for the United States 18.01.2017 English
Non-State Warfare in Battlefield Operations 10.01.2017 English
Existential message of Christmas 25.12.2016 English
Paris on the verge of political upheaval 13.12.2016 English
Modern Operational Art 06.12.2016 English
The Long March to Standing Rock 30.11.2016 English
The Legacy of Fidel Castro Ruz 28.11.2016 English
Armistice Day November 11th, 1918-2016 11.11.2016 English
Americans and the Trump "Victory" 10.11.2016 English
The Spirit of Crazy Horse at Standing Rock, North Dakota 01.11.2016 English
The Real Goal of World War III 25.10.2016 English
Bob Dylan’s Nobel Prize: a Submission to Western Hegemony 18.10.2016 English
Hillary Clinton's Vitriolic Rhetoric Toward Russia 13.10.2016 English
America is already in war 28.09.2016 English
America is already in war 24.09.2016 English
The Art of New Generation Russian Warfare 02.09.2016 English
An Analysis of Anthony M. Barrett’s Perspective on U.S.-Russian Nuclear War 25.08.2016 English
The American Imperium at the Rio Olympics 17.08.2016 English
US failure in Turkey was the start of NATO's undoing 11.08.2016 English
Obama as Narcissist and Militarist 11.08.2016 English
The Second American Civil War and White Nationalism 01.08.2016 English