Marcelo Gullo

Author publications

Title Date Languagesort descending
The Founding Insubordination: Introduction 19.01.2016 English
China & Contemporary Thresholds of Power. Part 1 08.04.2016 English
China & Contemporary Thresholds of Power. Part 2 11.04.2016 English
The Categories of Empire & Multitude: Critical Analysis 16.04.2016 English
Power Hovers over Asian Once Again 17.04.2016 English
South America between Retrocession & Development 25.04.2016 English
The United States & the New Threshold of Power 27.04.2016 English
State and National Power in contemporary world system 28.04.2016 English
The Passage Crisis & the Return of Imperialism 04.05.2016 English
The 4th Fleet & the Hypothesis of the Return of Supply Imperialism 07.05.2016 English
Thinking from the Periphery to Escape the Periphery 08.05.2016 English
An Analysis of the International Stage 17.08.2017 English
(In)Subordination and Global Context 17.10.2017 English
Japan & State Impulse: Part 3 03.04.2016 English
Japan & State Impulse: Part 2 02.04.2016 English
Japan & State Impulse. Part 1 01.04.2016 English
International system, its origins and rules 20.01.2016 English
States and the Historical Process 28.01.2016 English
Hegemonic Structures 02.02.2016 English
The Double Subordination 05.02.2016 English
Problems of counter-hegemony 10.02.2016 English
Threshold of Power 19.02.2016 English
Beginning of Globalization 23.02.2016 English
Great Britain & the New Threshold of Power 04.03.2016 English
The Insubordination of the United States. Part 1 11.03.2016 English