Merwah Hamid Qureshi

Miss Merwah Hamid Qureshi holds an M. Phil Degree from QAU, Islamabad and is also a visiting lecturer for International Relations at National Officers Academy (NOA), Pakistan. She is a freelance writer for online portals including Global Village Space. Her area of specialization is the changing world International Relations.

Author publications

Title Date Languagesort descending
Re-Sanctioning of Iran; A Practical Manifestation of US’ Political Hawkishness and Economic Terrorism 18.10.2018 English
Russia Must Take Part in the Neutral Resolution of Kashmir Dispute for It’s Not a Bilateral Issue but a Humanitarian Crisis 23.08.2019 English
Saffron Posture, Anti-Minority Policies And Fascist Approach: Is India Still Able To Call Her A Democracy? 27.08.2019 English
CPEC: BRI’s Flagship Project Promising Peaceful, Progressive and Prosperous Rise of Afro-Eurasian Region 29.08.2019 English
It’s High Time to Grieve Karbala Together 07.09.2019 English
PM Khan’s UNGA Speech Questioned the Dubious Role of International Community 06.10.2019 English
PM Khan; the Ambassador of Kashmir 12.10.2019 English
Gulf Peace Initiative 18.11.2019 English
The UNCIRF Annual Report 2020; Downgrading of Modi’s Saffron India 04.05.2020 English
After IOK Nepal is the New Victim of India’s Territorial Aggression 14.05.2020 English
The Transformation of FATA from A Terror Ridden Tribal Area to A Secure Part of KP 20.07.2019 English
Gwadar Port: The Golden Goose of Pakistan 18.07.2019 English
Moscow Format; A Giant Leap Towards Afghan Peace 20.11.2018 English
Mumbai Attacks: India’s False Flag Operation to Deceive the World 05.12.2018 English
Politicization of Kartarpur Initiative by Indian Media 20.12.2018 English
Paigham-e-Pakistan: A Historic Fatwa against Terrorism and Extremism 21.01.2019 English
Indian Brinkmanship and the Threat of Nuclear Escalation in South Asia 13.03.2019 English
With The Militarily Potential Of Being a Hegemonic Hawk, Pakistan Prefers To Be a Peaceful Dove 01.04.2019 English
Crisis of Governance: The Realities and Remedies 17.05.2019 English
Kulbhushan Jadhav: The Indian Terrorist 07.06.2019 English
PTM: Pashtun Tahaffuz Movement or A Foreign Funded Pakistan Torn Movement? 08.07.2019 English
Is Altaf Hussain’s Appeal to US Congress another Effort to Realize the Indian Dream of Akhand Bharat? 12.06.2020 English