Nicholas Nicholaides

54-year old physician, living in Sweden, that has followed soviet/russian geopolitics, on a non-professional but regular basis, for almost 40 years.

Author publications

Title Datesort ascending Language
Even the sun (Putin) has spots (a spot) 21.05.2018 English
There are real nazis in power in Kiev 28.04.2018 English
Liberate the president! 09.04.2018 English
Peace or freedom? - No, both peace and freedom! 23.03.2018 English
Russia is occupied! 27.02.2018 English
Similar situation - different rules! 06.02.2018 English
There are no valid arguments against a liberation of Novorossia 10.01.2018 English
Russia needs Novorossiya 18.10.2017 English
Only Russia can defeat Russia 29.09.2017 English
Only strength can save Russia 13.07.2017 English
We will not forget 05.05.2017 English
Western media lies 16.04.2017 English
Russians: The Most Betrayed People in Modern Times? 20.03.2017 English
Can Trump and Russia Strike a Deal on Novorossiya? 14.02.2017 English
Trump, Russia and Novorossiya 30.01.2017 English
Sometimes you have to fight for peace 09.01.2017 English
The Nazi Junta in Kiev must be brought to Justice 06.12.2016 English
The Falsification of History: ”Ukraine" is not a country 17.11.2016 English
Is there a secret deal for Novorossia? 26.10.2016 English
Russia vs. the USA: From the USSR to the Russian World 03.10.2016 English
Russia, Wake up, War is upon You! 22.09.2016 English
Exposing Lies about the former Ukraine, Novorossiya, and Russia 12.09.2016 English
President Putin must take control of the Bank of Russia 27.08.2016 English
Why does the West hate Russia? 18.08.2016 English
Ukraine-Novorossiya crisis: un-biased western point of view 09.08.2016 English