Shahzada Rahim

Shahzada Rahim is a freelancer, independent writer and postgraduate student with a keen interest in writing on history, geopolitics, current affairs, and International political economy.

Author publications

Title Date Languagesort descending
Exposing Liberal Totalitarianism through Fourth Political Theory 10.08.2020 English
Alexander Dugin on Carl Schmitt: Russia needs radical Politics 15.04.2020 English
Nikolay Danilevsky and the Eurasian Idea 27.04.2020 English
Heidegger’s Deconstruction of technology 24.12.2020 English
Eurasianism: The struggle for the multi-polar world 10.07.2019 English
The Ontological Foundation of Eurasia 28.08.2020 English
Lessons from Nietzsche’s self-isolation at Sils Maria 09.06.2020 English
Putin and Russian Sacred Geography 17.11.2019 English
A Liberal nightmare: the Rise of The Fourth Political Theory 02.09.2020 English
The Case Against Liberal Elites – OpEd 24.06.2020 English
Tracing Heideggerian Philosophy in Alexander Dugin’s Fourth Political Theory 27.11.2019 English
Russia’s Eurasian Union Dream: A Way Forward Towards Multi Polar World Order 11.10.2020 English
Muslims philosophers and medieval Scholasticism 13.07.2020 English
Coronovirus epidemic and corporate Media outcry 06.03.2020 English
Lenin on the nature of the State 16.01.2021 English
El sueño de la Unión Eurasiana por parte de Rusia: un camino hacia el orden mundial multipolar 19.10.2020 Spanish
Cuarta Teoría Política, pesadilla liberal 21.10.2020 Spanish
La exposición del totalitarismo liberal a través de la Cuarta Teoría Política 12.08.2020 Spanish
La deconstrucción heideggeriana de la tecnología 31.12.2020 Spanish
La decostruzione di Heidegger della tecnologia 27.12.2020 Italian