Shane Quinn

Author publications

Title Datesort ascending Language
The German Empire's policies in Europe and the Tsarist regime's fall 24.12.2020 English
The Ludendorff dictatorship's expansionism in Europe 02.12.2020 English
Beijing's decades-long policies in Xinjiang, CIA interference, funding of separatist and terrorist groups 27.08.2020 English
80 years ago: Fall of France, the Wehrmacht's advance through the Ardennes Forest 14.08.2020 English
US-China rivalry, CIA and NED support for terrorist groups and proxies 01.07.2020 English
Why the US government failed to topple the Cuban revolution 11.06.2020 English
Covid-19 mortality rates and the groups most prone to the virus 18.05.2020 English
75 years ago: Nazi Germany lies in debris and how the Wehrmacht's ultimate defeat was caused 08.05.2020 English
Covid-19 could have been stopped and the growing susceptibility of obese patients to the virus 02.05.2020 English
75 years ago: Red Army surrounds Berlin and analysing Germany's failed 1942 advance 24.04.2020 English
US attacks against Cuba, Operation Mongoose and the Cuban Missile Crisis 21.04.2020 English
Changing focus: From the Coronavirus Crisis to the Cuban Missile Crisis 08.04.2020 English
Coronavirus: le cause e le conseguenze più probabili della sua comparsa 02.04.2020 Italian
Coronavirus: The most probable causes and consequences of its emergence 01.04.2020 English
Coronavirus potentially linked to meat industry as world cases accelerate 25.03.2020 English
China containing coronavirus as West continues hyperbole for big pharma profit 19.03.2020 English
US tightens the noose on China as a result of coronavirus campaign 16.03.2020 English
75 years ago: The Germans launch their last major assaults of World War II 06.03.2020 English
Washington's policy of strangling China, US militarisation of Taiwan 27.02.2020 English
Dissecting Ireland's February 2020 general election and the state of the nation 22.02.2020 English
China, Iran and North Korea are almost encircled by hundreds of US military bases 10.02.2020 English
75 years ago: Hitler prepares for Operation Spring Awakening as Auschwitz is liberated 31.01.2020 English
Worthy and unworthy victims, 70 years of US destabilisation of China 27.12.2019 English
Washington's support for terrorist groups and Beijing's policies in Xinjiang 20.12.2019 English
The United States and its “Grand Area” doctrine continues to this day 13.12.2019 English