Slavisha Batko Milacic

Born in Cetinje, Montenegro, living in Podgorica, capital of Montenegro.
Graduated history at University of Montenegro.
Fields of interests: Politics, geopolitics, history.
Positions: Member of the presidency of the young in Montenegrin parliamentary party DNP. In 2014, began to write analytical texts for couple of Serbian portals, dealing with developments in the Balkans. From January 2015 to February 2017 was an associate of  the Moscow Analytical Center Katehon. From February 2017 an associate of  Moscow think tank

Author publications

Titlesort descending Date Language
Chispas en los Balcanes 19.09.2016 Spanish
Identity genocide in Montenegro 21.02.2017 English
Sparks in the Balkans 10.09.2016 English
The fight continues 03.03.2016 English
Tough times for Serbs 12.08.2016 English
A Time of Change in the Western Balkans 18.01.2017 English
Agitación en los Balcanes 12.10.2016 Spanish
Balkan battles 25.09.2017 English
Balkan powder keg 07.04.2017 English
Bosnian deadlock 26.04.2016 English
Dark plans for the Balkans 12.12.2017 English
Der Mörder Serbiens 15.12.2016
Djukanovic`s cage 16.04.2018 English
El asesino de Serbia 21.12.2016 Spanish
El Frente Montenegrino contra Djukanovic y la OTAN 11.11.2016 Spanish
El último fraude de Milo Djukanovic 25.10.2016 Spanish
Geopolitics of Aleksandar Vucic 21.11.2017 English
Geopolitics of Kosovo 07.09.2018 English
Geopolitics of Srebrenica 21.07.2017 English
Hard times for Serbia 30.01.2018 English
Killing Serbia 23.03.2016 English
La lucha continúa 07.03.2016 Spanish
Los dos amigos balcánicos 16.05.2016 Spanish
Manipulator 03.07.2017 English
Matando a Serbia 23.03.2016 Spanish