Sondoss Al Asaad

Sondoss Al Asaad is a Lebanese journalist and translator; based in Beirut, Lebanon. Al Asaad writes on issues of the Arabs and Muslims world, with special focus on the Yemeni war and the Bahraini uprising. She has a B.A. in translation and an MA in English Literature, in addition to a long experience in editing and translating for several media outlets.

Author publications

Titlesort descending Date Language
Human Rights Advocates in Bahrain Behind Bars 02.03.2018 English
A Remarkable Political Future in the Region 02.08.2018 English
A Revolutionary Hero 15.02.2018 English
Asma al-Asaad, the Lady of Steadfastness 13.08.2018 English
Ayatollah al-Nimr: A Scapegoat on the Freedom's Altar 01.01.2019 English
Bahrain's Opposition Leaders Sentenced to Life Imprisonment 07.11.2018 English
Bahrein: nove anni di repressione 16.02.2020 Italian
From Bahrain: The Untold Story 17.12.2017 English
Hezbollah Resistance is Sturdier than the Zionist Army 22.08.2018 English
Hudaydah at the Brink of a Humanitarian Catastrophe 14.06.2018 English
Int'l Activists: the Yemenis’ Steadfastness is Legendary 30.03.2020 English
Is Bahrain a Fertile Environment to Foster the so-called Abraham Accord's Peace Claims? 04.11.2020 English
Netanyahu: The Zionist Pinocchio 17.10.2018 English
Once Again Hezbollah Defeats the Imperialist Hegemony 14.05.2018 English
Remembering Sabra and Shatila 18.09.2018 English
Saudi Arabia: The most Prominent Financier of Terrorism 12.12.2018 English
Save Ahed Tamimi, the Palestinian Veteran 23.02.2018 English
Save Hakeem: a Bahrani Persecuted Footballer 18.01.2019 English
Sayyed Nasrallah and the Great Men Theory 20.11.2018 English
Seven Years of Reprisal in Bahrain 05.02.2018 English
Thanksgiving: The Fake American Culture 27.11.2017 English
The Controversial Lebanese Parliamentary Elections 07.04.2018 English
The Forgotten War 07.01.2018 English
The Rise of Religious Hostility in Bahrain 23.12.2017 English