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Author publications

Title Datesort ascending Language
Rusia e Irán: Nueva era de cooperación militar 05.05.2016 Spanish
"Caos controlado" como herramienta de estrategia geopolítica 31.03.2016 Spanish
The U.S. Nuclear Deterrent Triad. Can the U.S. Afford to Modernize it? 25.03.2016 English
“Controlled chaos” as a tool of geopolitical struggle 23.03.2016 English
Atacando a los dirigentes nacionales a través de las tenazas 'psicológicas' 23.03.2016 Spanish
Análisis militar: Post-golpe de Libia 22.03.2016 Spanish
Military Analysis: Post-Coup Libya 18.03.2016 English
Attacking National Leaders Through ‘Psychological Pincers’ 16.03.2016 English
Informe de defensa ruso: Escudo antimisiles de Rusia 15.03.2016 Spanish
Foreign Policy Diary – Arms and Drug Trafficking in Africa 15.03.2016 English
Russia Defense Report: Russia’s Anti-Missile Shield 14.03.2016 English
Diario político exterior – el conflicto se calienta en Ucrania 11.03.2016 Spanish
Foreign Policy Diary – Iran: Military and Technical Cooperation After Sanctions 10.03.2016 English
Foreign Policy Diary – Conflicts Heat Up in Ukraine 09.03.2016 English
La fuerza aérea saudí despliega apoyos a la intervención militar turca en Siria 08.03.2016 Spanish
Saudi Air Force Deploys to Support Turkey’s Military Intervention in Syria 04.03.2016 English
Foreign Policy Diary – Dutch EU-Ukraine Association Agreement Referendum 03.03.2016 English
Weekly Economic Glance, Feb. 22-28 01.03.2016 English
Análisis militar: Presencia militar de los EEUU en Europa 29.02.2016 Spanish
Russia Defense Report – Feb. 27, 2016: Russian Military Advisers in Syria 29.02.2016 English
Military Analysis: US Military presence in Europe 25.02.2016 English
Foreign Policy Diary – Greek Crisis fuels EU instability 19.02.2016 English
Military Analysis: Turkish Armed Forces 18.02.2016 English
IMF’s recipe for Europe: “With low wage exploit the refugees’ 12.02.2016 English