Valentin Vasilescu

Romanian military analyst, former deputy commander of Otopeni Airport (Romania).

Author publications

Title Datesort ascending Language
The INF issue 19.11.2018 English
The new Russian armored bomber will revolutionize battlefield 13.09.2016 English
Why does China want to produce the AN-225, the largest military cargo plane in the world? 06.09.2016 English
Russia, Syria, and Turkey have agreed on joint operations in Syria 01.09.2016 English
Are US nukes being moved from Incirlik to Deveselu to attack Moscow? 19.08.2016 English
Putin had foreseen the need for an Iranian airbase a year ago 18.08.2016 English
How could Turkey's rapprochement with Russia materialize? 09.08.2016 English
Why did Erdogan become an anti-Euroatlanticist? 29.07.2016 English
Black Sea: A great unknown for NATO 19.07.2016 English
Towards a new stable equilibrium for the Western Balkans? 06.07.2016 English
Russia is threatened by the invasion of NATO in the Black Sea 29.06.2016 English
Geopolitical goal of the US in the last 70 years 23.06.2016 English
La geostrategia di Gazprom 22.06.2016 Italian
The Geostrategy of Gazprom 17.06.2016 English
Russia dismantles the myth of the American Navy’s invincibility 08.06.2016 English
Russia to respond to NATO aggression with hypersonic vectors 02.06.2016 English
La futura blitzkrieg della NATO contro la Russia: La Battaglia per la supremazia aerea 26.05.2016 Italian
US anti-missile shield or sword? 17.05.2016 English
NATO’s Future Blitzkrieg against Russia: Land and naval war 13.05.2016 English
NATO’s Future Blitzkrieg against Russia: The Battle for Air Supremacy 10.05.2016 English