Walt Garlington

Walt Garlington is a chemical engineer turned writer (and, when able, a planter). He makes his home in Louisiana of Dixie and is editor of the 'Confiteri: A Southern Perspective' web site.'

Author publications

Title Datesort ascending Language
The Greatest Generation 14.01.2021 English
Will the United States Remain a Republic? 11.11.2020 English
The Role of Relics in America 11.09.2020 English
The Continuing Relevance of Southern Nationalism 31.07.2020 English
Escaping Gnosticism 06.07.2020 English
The Deep Identity of the South 15.06.2020 English
French Allies for the Southern Counter-Revolution 25.05.2020 English
Has the Mormon Moment Arrived in American History? 21.02.2020 English
Industrialism and the Breakup of the Family 29.11.2019 English
China, Dixie, and Life in the Middle 22.10.2019 English
The Need for Classes in Society 11.10.2019 English
Plato and Our Constitutions 19.09.2019 English
Still Vikings, Still Hobbits 21.08.2019 English
The Frontier is Essential for the American Project 09.07.2019 English
Magna Carta: The Nadir of Politics 24.06.2019 English
American Gnosticism 29.05.2019 English
Despair and Hope in Belgium and the West 15.05.2019 English
Rebuilding Notre Dame Cathedral and Western Culture 01.05.2019 English
‘In Heaven, There Is a Kingdom; in Hell There Is Democracy.’ 24.04.2019 English
China and Dixie: Approaching a Friendship between Two Tellurocracies 11.05.2018 English
Searching for Common Ground with the Yankees 22.03.2018 English
‘What Basis for Unity?’ 15.12.2017 English
The Great Plains Identity 30.11.2017 English
‘Constitutionalism: A Yankee Errand in the South’ 11.09.2017 English
The Self-Defeating Tradition of the Post-Schism West 20.07.2017 English