Youssef A. Khaddour

Ph.D. science of materials, experience for more than 30 years in industrial Management and for 15 years as a managing director in different positions in Syria. Work in the political and social sphere through the Syrian state institutions.

Author publications

Title Datesort ascending Language
Will a major battle take place in southern Syria within the coming months? 13.01.2017 English
Russian creativity in the "Great World War" in Syria 02.01.2017 English
Victory in Aleppo: A Victory for the Axis of Values 20.12.2016 English
Quantum Philosophy and the Demise of Empires 09.12.2016 English
A Whole Year since the Russian Intervention in Syria 04.10.2016 English
Is the Syrian war forging a new alliance against NATO? 06.09.2016 English
El ascenso de Rusia al poder mundial y su relación con el declinar de la UE 08.07.2016 Spanish
Russia’s ascent to World power and its relation to the decline of the EU 01.07.2016 English
La decisiva batalla de Alepo con un formato global 30.06.2016 Spanish
Decisive battle of Aleppo with a global format 26.06.2016 English
Abdullah y la física cuántica 07.06.2016 Spanish
Abdullah and quantum physics 05.06.2016 English
El sufrimiento de los sirios es un signo de la catástrofe global que se avecina 30.05.2016 Spanish
The Suffering of the Syrians are a sign of the coming global catastrophe 23.05.2016 English
¿Rusia y sus aliados lograrán una Victoria decisiva en Siria? 02.05.2016 Spanish
Will Russia and its Allies Achieve a Decisive Victory in Syria? 02.05.2016 English
¿Qué sucedió en Jerusalén? 25.04.2016 Spanish
What happened in Jerusalem? 22.04.2016 English
Algunas conclusiones después de cinco años de guerra en Siria 14.04.2016 Spanish
Drawing some conclusions after five years of war in Syria 12.04.2016 English
Nagorno-Karabaj: Leyendo en el comportamiento de las partes 08.04.2016 Spanish
Nagorno-Karabakh: Reading in the behavior of the parties 06.04.2016 English
Values and Interests: A comparison between global concepts on the Syrian war 31.03.2016 English
The Russian conception and vision for solving international conflicts 25.03.2016 English