Zamir Ahmed Awan

Sinologist, National University of Sciences and Technology, Islamabad - Pakistan.

Author publications

Title Datesort ascending Language
PM Modi has pushed India into the darkest era 17.01.2022 English
The US might try to regain ground in Afghanistan 24.12.2021 English
Russia-Pakistan Joint Working Group Meeting 07.12.2021 English
Gli Stati Uniti impongono restrizioni alle imprese tecnologiche in vari Paesi come strumento di coercizione 02.12.2021 Italian
The US puts restrictions on technology-based firms in various countries as a coercion tool 01.12.2021 English
L'India sta colpendo l'Afghanistan 18.11.2021 Italian
India is poking Afghanistan 12.11.2021 English
The rare opportunity for peace in Afghanistan may not be missed 07.10.2021 English
G-7 demands are unrealistic 06.09.2021 English
Kabul Blasts: Serious Concerns 29.08.2021 English
India mourns on Taliban’s Victory 22.08.2021 English
Un “Giorno nero” segnato contro la provocazione indiana nel Kashmir 18.08.2021 Italian
“Black Day” marked against Indian provocation of Kashmir 15.08.2021 English
New Milestone Set in Pakistan-Russia Relations 04.06.2021 English
La pressione pubblica dietro il cessate il fuoco 31.05.2021 Italian
Public pressure behind Ceasefire 28.05.2021 English
Russia May Play Leadership Role in Middle-East Peace 11.05.2021 English
Pandemic: Precious Human Lives at high risk 28.04.2021 English
China, West and the Islamic World 14.04.2021 English
Il Cuore dell'Asia spera per la pace afghana, la stabilità, la prosperità 09.04.2021 Italian
Heart of Asia hopes for Afghan peace, stability, and prosperity 08.04.2021 English
The US failed to gang-up against Russia-China 29.03.2021 English
Peace is a pre-requisite for a happy and prosperous life 19.03.2021 English
Un altro episodio di intolleranza in India 16.03.2021 Italian
Another incident of intolerance in India 13.03.2021 English