Zamir Ahmed Awan

Sinologist, National University of Sciences and Technology, Islamabad - Pakistan.

Author publications

Title Datesort ascending Language
Il carburante all’idrogeno è la soluzione assoluta al cambiamento climatico? 07.12.2019 Italian
Is Hydrogen Fuel absolute solution to climate change? 06.12.2019 English
Alice Wells remarks on CPEC are worth considerations 30.11.2019 English
Optimistic on Sino-US trade Talks 04.11.2019 English
International Community and Kashmir 23.10.2019 English
New Dimension in Sino-US tension 14.10.2019 English
Kashmir Issue may become a big challenge for SCO 10.09.2019 English
Highest Civil Award to Indian Prime Minister Modi by UAE 02.09.2019 English
India is a Threat to World Peace 25.08.2019 English
India is using Rape as a weapon in Kashmir 15.08.2019 English
Consequence of Indian move on Kashmir 10.08.2019 English
Optimistic of resolution of Kashmir Issue Soon 03.08.2019 English
Regional Impact of PM Imran Khan’s visit to the USA 24.07.2019 English
Iran: Sanctions might turn counter-productive 08.07.2019 English
Indian role in US-Iran tension 05.07.2019 English
Warmth returns between China and North Korea 01.07.2019 English
JF-17 thunder ensured Pakistan’s supremacy over India 26.06.2019 English
19th SCO Summit held in Bishkek under tense geopolitics of the region 19.06.2019 English
19th SCO Summit: expectations are high 11.06.2019 English
Afghan Issue: Pakistan can play vital role 05.06.2019 English
Optimist with the out-comes of Indian Elections 27.05.2019 English
Pakistan: IMF bailout Package and its percussions 20.05.2019 English
BRI Summit: A platform to Shape future of global Economy, Peace and Stability 15.04.2019 English
Seems No End to India’s War-Craze yet 07.04.2019 English
Pakistan’s National Day Celebrated 24.03.2019 English