Zamir Ahmed Awan

Sinologist, National University of Sciences and Technology, Islamabad - Pakistan.

Author publications

Title Datesort ascending Language
China, West and the Islamic World 14.04.2021 English
Il Cuore dell'Asia spera per la pace afghana, la stabilità, la prosperità 09.04.2021 Italian
Heart of Asia hopes for Afghan peace, stability, and prosperity 08.04.2021 English
The US failed to gang-up against Russia-China 29.03.2021 English
Peace is a pre-requisite for a happy and prosperous life 19.03.2021 English
Un altro episodio di intolleranza in India 16.03.2021 Italian
Another incident of intolerance in India 13.03.2021 English
Pakistan’s Approach to fight against COVID-19 got recognition 12.08.2020 English
Immediate Actions are required to save the human lives in Kashmir 05.08.2020 English
Pakistan A Victim of Terrorism 28.07.2020 English
Protests in the US seems endless 24.07.2020 English
Time to Reinstate Iran-Nuclear Deal (JCPOA). 17.07.2020 English
Effective measures for Afghan Peace 11.07.2020 English
Once Again, Pakistan became a victim of Indian terrorism 02.07.2020 English
Pakistan Greeted Russia on Victory Day 24.06.2020 English
US-India trust deficient widened 19.06.2020 English
India puede disponer de la pandemia como oportunidad para imponer la guerra a Pakistán 17.06.2020 Spanish
India may avail Pandemic as Opportunity to impose war on Pakistan 14.06.2020 English
Diplomacy will play a role over Sino-Indian border clashes 06.06.2020 English
Indian economy collapsed to meet its defense requirements 27.05.2020 English
India An Opportunist Country 11.05.2020 English
The US is also the beneficiary of China 02.05.2020 English
Il COVID-19 può dimostrarsi più letale delle pandemie precedenti 22.04.2020 Italian
COVID-19: may prove more lethal than the previous Pandemics 22.04.2020 English
Is COVID-19 a real threat to Global Peace and Security? 15.04.2020 English