Ближний Восток

Five years of the Arab Spring

December 18th, 2010, is considered to be start of the dramatic events in the Middle East, known as the Arab Spring.

Turkey and the Hornet’s Nest


The west doesn’t want any diplomatic solution in the Middle-Eastern Conflict. They simply want more chaos to run their policy of “Chaos and Rule” and which is an updated version of British empirical policy of “Divide and Rule”.

The little boy on the beach

The image of the dead Syrian child lying inert on a Turkish beach choked up anyone who saw the image splayed over the front pages of every newspaper in Europe this week.

Rise of the idiot

Many European mainstream politicians and journalists cry today crocodile tears about Syria´s ancient Palmyra under terrorist control.

The rise and fall of Neo-Ottomanism in Syria


Since the beginning of the crisis in Syria, the statesmen in Turkey were sure that one of the main keys for regional hegemony in the Middle East passes through Syria.