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Alain de Benoist, born in 1943, is a writer, philosopher, and public lecturer; director of the magazines Nouvelle Ecole and Krisis, and editorialist...

At the end, let the Macedonians serve as an example for all the nations, future victims of hybrid asymmetric wars, that only united, the people can...

Traditionalist and Identitarian Notes on Jason Reza Jorjani’s Prometheus and Atlas (London: Arktos, 2016)

- Mr. Steuckers, we would like to start our interview by describing the current situation in the EU, especially in its North-West region. What could...

A central theme in Traditionalist thought is how all temporal power, beauty, goodness and innocence in the microcosm of the earthly sphere reflects...

Being attacked from two sides simultaneously (terrorism and Russian threat) Europe has to decide what to do first: to counter terrorism or increasing...

There are two theories of international relations: liberalism and realism. But there is a third way. This is now Europe’s last chance. 

Review on book "The Great Nation: Unitarian Europe – from Brest to Bucharestby Jean Thiriart, Manticore Press, 2018"

Hello Kris, thank you for taking the time out of your schedule to talk with us today. I know our readers would like to learn more about your...

In Europe, where we whites are still the majority (¿for how long?), racism prevails against us, the autochthonous. However, according to the official...

Populism is a political orientation or viewpoint which refers to the interests and understanding of the entire population ( like hopes and fears ),...

Modern antifascism is a simulacrum, a copy without the original, it opposes the "fascism" it invented itself, which in reality is not there

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