Lectures of Leonid Savin in Mashhad (Iran)

Leonid Savin in Mashhad
Leonid Savin in Mashhad

On May 23, 2017, the editor-in-chief of Geopolitika.ru Leonid Savin spoke at the Research Center for Central Asia and Afghanistan (Mashhad, Khorasan province).

Russia vs. EU and USA: Eurasian viewpoint


May 21, 2017 was held lecture of chief editor of Geopolitica.ru Leonid Savin in the Institute of Caucasian Studies of Tehran University (Islamic Republic of  Iran).

Fourth Political Theory: shortest presentation


Any Political Theory is defined by the paradigms of History being fully dependant of them. So in oreder to understand 4PT cirrectly we need to consider what three basic paradigms are: Pre-Modernity (traditional society) - Modernity (modern society) - Post-Modernity (a kind of post-society or dis-society where all social ties are destroyed)

The Death of Globalism


Aleksandr Dugin, the brain of Vladimir Putin, is a political scientist whose ideas have inspired Russian foreign policy and enamoured nativist ‘alt-right’ elements across Europe.

4th Political Theory and Post-Liberalism


There’s the liberal political theory, and the second arises as an antithesis - communism and socialism, all the versions of the leftist critique, which we call critical theory. This is left, communist, socialist ideology with all its nuances. The third political theory is overall nationalism or fascism, which attempted to provide a critique of the previous ones, liberalism and communism. All of these three political theories - liberalism, communism, and fascism - were locked in a life and death struggle in the 20th century. First liberalism and communism defeated fascism together, then, as we know, the Cold War began between communism and liberalism. Then in 1991, liberalism defeated communism on a global scale. 

Necessity of the Fourth Political Theory


The present world financial crisis marks the conclusion of the damage done by the liberal ideology which, having appeared during the epoch of the Western Enlightenment, has for decades dominated most of the planet.