All the errors of Italy in Libya


At this point it is clear that something has gone wrong. Libya, whose transition was to be our flagship, proved to be a container of chaos in which Italy has (at least so far) lost its battle.

Geopolitics of water

At the center of the earthly paradise is the Tree of Life. From its roots are born four rivers whose branches, according to St.

The New Zimbabwe

The World Economic Forum Annual Meeting that took place in Davos gave the new Zimbabwean Leader President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa an opportunity to engage the West and clearly establish his position on a number of key issues.

The lessons of the Libyan revolution

The world and the African continent witnessed the destruction of the Libyan state at the hands of a joint NATO and Arab coalition that was backing a local rebellion against the central government in Tripoli, this rebellion began on the 17th of F

China’s Thirst for Donkeys is Killing Africa


According to China’s commerce ministry, trade volume between China and African countries has increased by 16.7% in the first quarter 2017 to USD38.8 billion. And bilateral trade between China and Africa stood at USD149.1 billion in 2016.