Alternative für Merkel: What Didn’t Go Right for the Chancellor


Almost half of German citizens (47%) has expressed the opinion that German Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel should leave her post before the end of her mandate.

The poll was conducted by the sociological service YouGov for the agency DPA. About two thousand citizens of Germany with the right to vote participated in the poll.

36% expressed the opinion, that Merkel should remain until the end of her term in 2021.

France and the Migration Question

A few nights ago, I was walking along a street in Paris, and a young African approached me and said to me in French, “Pourriez-vous me donner de l'argent pour la nourriture?” and as my French is poor to non-existent, I replied politely in Englis

Crisis of Europe


Today, many people often speak about crisis of Europe. However, meaning of this term varies depending on point of view and position of speaker. Therefore, let me have a think about what crisis of Europe can be.