At the mercy of the Stranger


Never as in these moments come to mind the words of Dante, when he referred to the Italian land as "Ahi servant Italy, grief hostel, ship without coachman in a storm, not a woman of the provinces, but brothel!".

Italian miseries

In the tension of this apparently eternal post-vote of March 4th, the characteristics of the Italian spirit began to stand out.

The new president of the Republic of Korea - a hostage to the crisis provoked by the US?


9th of May Mun Jae-Ying, representative of the Democratic Party was elected as a new President of the Republic of Korea. He was the leader of the electoral race since the impeachment of the previous president Pak Kun Hyu in March 2017. South Korea is a presidential republic, in which the president is simultaneously the head of state, head of government, supreme commander-in-chief. There is a post of prime minister, but the prime minister is also appointed by the president.

Rise of Raeisi


Mr. Raeisi’s sudden rise to presidential candidacy came as a surprise to many. A soft spoken man, who served mostly in the judiciary for the past thirty – eight years rarely appeared in the media.