De-escalation zones in Syria: who and why needs them


The decision to create zones of de-escalation in Syria has become one of the most important events of this week. Initially, as Al-Masdar, close to Syria's leadership, revealed the plan to create four security zones in Syria proposed by Russia. Later, during the talks between the presidents of Russia and the United States (by phone) and the personal meeting between Vladimir Putin and Recep Erdogan in Sochi, both the American and Turkish leaders agreed with the plan proposed by Russian leader. In favor of creating security zones, both Tehran and the official Damascus took the floor.

Turkey: Farewell to Kemalism


Turkey passes to the presidential form of government. On April 16, 2017, the referendum was won by the supporters of President Recep Erdogan. Just a little more than 51% of those who came to polling stations voted for the amendments to the country's constitution.

Constitutional referendum in Turkey


On April 16, a constitutional referendum will be held in Turkey. Citizens of the country must approve or reject the proposals promoted by the country's president Recep Erdogan. The main one is the country's transition to the presidential form of government. One of the impetus for the change of the constitution was the attempt of a military coup on July 15-16, 2016, its subsequent suppression and the growth of the popular support of President Erdogan. At the same time, experts note that plans to change the constitution have been hatched in the presidential environment for a long time.