For An Illiberal Europe - Colloque ILIADE 2019


Alain de Benoist is an essayist, philosopher, the author of over a hundred works addressing political philosophy and the history of ideas. He just published Contre le libéralisme. La société n’est pas un marché, with Éditions du Rocher. He spoke to the sixth colloquium of the Institut ILIADE, “Europe, the hour of borders,” on April 6th, 2019.



The Maastricht Treaty that laid the formal groundwork for the present-day European Union was signed on 7 February 1992, only six weeks after the formal dissolution of the Soviet Union.

On problems of European Sovereignty


 The current situation in Europe is nothing extraordinary. It was even predicted. Moreover, several times forecasts were made by people who had opposing views on the political system in this part of the world.

Spiritual Presuppositions of Pan Slavic Unity


The new Pan-Slavism, like the New Eurasianism, must be an element that tackles the challenges of the present together with a proposal that must reason with the very elements that will pull us out of post-modernity and its innate chaos, and also aw

The Islamic party challenges Europe


“We have every right to impose sharia here in Belgium, in the way we want.” In a cafe in the city, the beating heart of Europe, Abdelhay Bakkali Tahiri - president of the Islam party and a candidate for municipal elections - tells the Eyes of War