Jerusalem and Trump


Capitalism itself – that is a problem with some unsolved contradictions and Western societies, especially long imprinted Americans are unarmed and unprotected, believing in all that slogans that “a rising tide lifts all boats” or “there ain't no such thing as a free lunch”, which cover the lack of real economic program directed to counteracting social stratification, creating empty money by banks or limiting the public sector and quality of life.

Europe’s Magic Skin


The cataclysms currently afflicting EU countries can be described from different perspectives, whether in terms of economics, politics, ideology, international relations,

Europe between two fires


Being attacked from two sides simultaneously (terrorism and Russian threat) Europe has to decide what to do first: to counter terrorism or increasing Russian might.

Crisis of Europe


Today, many people often speak about crisis of Europe. However, meaning of this term varies depending on point of view and position of speaker. Therefore, let me have a think about what crisis of Europe can be.

Populism and its faces


Populism is a political orientation or viewpoint which refers to the interests and understanding of the entire population ( like hopes and fears ), especially when it represents the contrast of new collective conscience pointed against applicable