Pakistan At A Crossroads


The Islamic Republic of Pakistan is steadily changing its policies – both domestic and foreign. Outside observers are putting the change down to democratic transition and an Asian-style populism.

Spiritual Presuppositions of Pan Slavic Unity


The new Pan-Slavism, like the New Eurasianism, must be an element that tackles the challenges of the present together with a proposal that must reason with the very elements that will pull us out of post-modernity and its innate chaos, and also aw

The Russia's game in Libya


You can not have a leading role in Libya, without going through Russia. This is one of the few certainties that occur in the chaos that pervades the North African country.

Russia, Finland and NATO


During the last few years we have seen some big NATO military exercises at the Baltic sea area, and unfortunately Finland which is an unaligned country has taken part of these operations in leadership of our Secretary of Defence Jussi Niinistö.

Broken Arrow

Photo - Flickr
Photo - Flickr

The Border Guard

Erasing national borders does not make people safer or more prosperous.

It undermines democracy and trades away prosperity.

Geographic connectivity vs chaos

Photo - Pixabay
Photo - Pixabay

Eurasia holds major part of the global demographic and geographical potential, however it has not been able to achieve connectivity dividends because of a long history of wars and conflicts.

Russian Policy of Arms


Leonid Savin will hold lecture on regional security in Asian region, Russian arms policy in context of multipolarity and eurasianity.

September 3, 14-00, Conference Hall Vabien II, Seoul, South Korea.