For An Illiberal Europe - Colloque ILIADE 2019


Alain de Benoist is an essayist, philosopher, the author of over a hundred works addressing political philosophy and the history of ideas. He just published Contre le libéralisme. La société n’est pas un marché, with Éditions du Rocher. He spoke to the sixth colloquium of the Institut ILIADE, “Europe, the hour of borders,” on April 6th, 2019.

4th Political Theory and Post-Liberalism


There’s the liberal political theory, and the second arises as an antithesis - communism and socialism, all the versions of the leftist critique, which we call critical theory. This is left, communist, socialist ideology with all its nuances. The third political theory is overall nationalism or fascism, which attempted to provide a critique of the previous ones, liberalism and communism. All of these three political theories - liberalism, communism, and fascism - were locked in a life and death struggle in the 20th century. First liberalism and communism defeated fascism together, then, as we know, the Cold War began between communism and liberalism. Then in 1991, liberalism defeated communism on a global scale. 

Whither Germany – East or West?


This past October 3rd marked the twenty-fifth anniversary of the “reunification” – or rather, Atlanticization – of the German fatherland.

The Ideological Platform of the Eurasian Movement


WHEREAS,  The entire historical record can be summed up as a giant geopolitical struggle and all major wars of international scope have always and forever been waged over conflicting geopolitical-cultural values – which is to say between telluric

No to Bio-political Tattooing

The newspapers leave no doubt: from now on whoever wants to go to the United States with a visa will be put on file and will have to leave their fingerprints when they enter the country.

Self-Determination vs. State Sovereignty


In this essay, I will deal with the historical development of the supremacy of the principle of state sovereignty over the principle of self-determination though the lens of minority rights protection.