4 November 1979 – Iranian Lesson


In what country no coup d'état is possible? In the United States, because there is no American Embassy in Washington D.C.  This old joke is simple, but the most accurate explanation of the true role of such centres around the world.

Iran and Multipolarity


At the turn of the millennium, Irani’s President from 1997-2005, Mohammad Khatami, proposed the concept of dialogue of civilizations.

Obsession Iran


Beyond the economic and geopolitical factors that lie behind the US (and Zionist) obsession with Iran, there are also really ideological, if not even eschatological, elements that animate the minds of Washington hawks deeply influenced by the rhet

Washington In The Maelstrom Of Current Global Politics


The aggressive attacks launched by the Democrats, although those were intended as a measure to discredit Donald Trump, will ultimately come back to haunt them, once they themselves end up being blamed for the deteriorating sympathies toward the Democrats and the US on the part of America’s allies and partners — not to mention its competitors.