Photo: Flickr
Photo: Flickr

Two weeks ago, first demonstration was held in Mashhad and the main reason was people’s total dissatisfaction of credit institutions and banks, which took their money as a hostage for several months.

An attempt of colored revolution in Iran?

The great Western media showed to the world the recent protests and street demonstrations in various cities of Iran as a general revolt against established power and motivated by the noblest of reasons: misery.

The Iranian Uprising: How the West is Trying to Steal the Protests

Photo: pixabay
Photo: pixabay

From the 28th of December onwards, Iran is the scene of protests which are comparable in size to those of 2009 during the so-called ‘green revolution’. According to information from mass media sources, the demonstrations have already led to direct confrontations with the police, as a result of which no less than two people have died in Dorud (in the western part of Iran).