Italy against politicians in Rome and Brussels


We have decided that in the next 2018 political elections, the League will be present throughout Italy without “North” in its name. We can not ask citizens of Rome, Palermo, Naples or Bari, the peoples of southern Italy, to vote for a party that has ”North” in its name. We must win the elections next spring, to return our national sovereignty destroyed by the EU and the decisions of the Renzi-Gentiloni government. They work in the interests of international bankers and not Italian citizens. They continue to bring illegal immigrants into Italy, while in the rest of Europe they are closing their borders.

Francesco Colafemmina - Francesco Colafemmina - Italians Said "No" To Renzi: What's Next?


I think the reasons why Renzi lost this referendum are complicated.

From my impression, during the campaign before the referendum, too many resources were spent by the party of the former Prime Minister Matteo Renzi in order to promote voting for changes of the constitution. We had a lot of advertisement on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, on the radio and television, in the streets - everywhere. It was stressful propaganda to force people to vote "yes".