For An Illiberal Europe - Colloque ILIADE 2019


Alain de Benoist is an essayist, philosopher, the author of over a hundred works addressing political philosophy and the history of ideas. He just published Contre le libéralisme. La société n’est pas un marché, with Éditions du Rocher. He spoke to the sixth colloquium of the Institut ILIADE, “Europe, the hour of borders,” on April 6th, 2019.

Totem and Taboos of the terminal West


There is a fierce debate in Britain. It is not about the Brexit nor the monarchy, but something infinitely more serious: the opportunity or not to take down the statues of Winston Churchill and Lord Nelson.

Trump and Italy


The results of the mid-term US elections have confirmed the political line of Donald Trump and we can therefore say that the deplorables of Hillary "Killary" Clinton have decided to give confidence once again to the current tenant of the

Gerontocracy And Dead-End Liberalism


Even taking a generous view of the situation, it is clear that the US is deeply politically polarized when it comes to ideas about gender traits, which includes interpretations of gender identity.

Why economy aspires to dissolve family

The message is difficult to pass. The conscience is widespread controlled by the consensus industry, whose sole purpose is to strengthen the dominant order. And, no less, it is necessary to insist.