Near East

Russia’s Mideast Energy Diplomacy: Boom or Bust?


Most experts on energy geopolitics usually examine Russia’s relations with the EU when discussing what they assume to be Moscow’s politicization of its oil and gas resources, but all polemics aside about the veracity of that misleading presumption

The Neo Persian Empire


The strategic initiative on the complex Syrian battlefield seems to have swung in the favor of beleaguered President Bashar Al Assad. The Russian aerospace forces have played a key role in this change of fortunes.

Five years of the Arab Spring

December 18th, 2010, is considered to be start of the dramatic events in the Middle East, known as the Arab Spring.

Scoundrel State

American political analysts over the years have created quite a few labels for other countries: a pariah state, an outlaw state, a narco state, a rogue state, and a failed state.

The little boy on the beach

The image of the dead Syrian child lying inert on a Turkish beach choked up anyone who saw the image splayed over the front pages of every newspaper in Europe this week.