Willing Slaves

Willing believers in lies are willing slaves, because lies are coercion of the mind, as opposed to coercion of the body (slavery by physical violence instead of by mental violence, which is called “lies”); and anyone who willingly complies with

Media-Spin and Pop-Culture


Information warfare is quickly becoming an integral part of modern conflicts. The modern digital media and the rapid development of information and communications technologies are creating a new playing field.

Western media lies


It is a well known fact that western main stream media is full of lies - their purpose was never to bring the truth to the people, no it was, and is, to keep the people mis-informed and pacified so they will not question or challenge the crimes their supposedly democratically elected leaders commit on a daily basis.

Alt-Media Racism And The Social Yinon Plan


I'll cut to the chase -- I welcome all manner of constructive and well-intentioned feedback, and I learn the most from those who disagree with me and express themselves in an intelligent and cohesive manner, but what I absolutely don't tolerate is