ANTIFA goes terrorist

5. June 2017 - 11:06

Antifa terrorists groups planned to use dynamite in Portland, police said. The extremists hurled bottles and bricks at Portland police today at their counter protest against free speech.

Orbán vs. Soros: The Next Round


Hungary’s ruling populist party, Fidesz, and its charismatic and popular leader, Viktor Orbán, have established themselves as the leading opposition within the European Union to globalism and to Brussels itself since coming to power in 2010, and crossed swords with the Obama administration as well. I have detailed some of their earlier accomplishments in this regard in a previous essay, and of course Orbán’s continuing role in refusing to allow Hungary to be victimized by the migrant crisis is well-known. Orbán’s overall program can perhaps best be summed up in the declaration he made in 2014, in which he stated his intention to remake Hungary as an “illiberal democracy.”