Media-Spin and Pop-Culture


Information warfare is quickly becoming an integral part of modern conflicts. The modern digital media and the rapid development of information and communications technologies are creating a new playing field.

The lessons of the Libyan revolution

The world and the African continent witnessed the destruction of the Libyan state at the hands of a joint NATO and Arab coalition that was backing a local rebellion against the central government in Tripoli, this rebellion began on the 17th of F

Geopolitics of the Near East: Results of 2017


This article examines a complex of problems related to the resolution of the Syrian conflict in 2017. The fundamental problems and contradictions of all countries and armed groups that have been drawn into the conflict are analysed. Russia’s role in the reconciliation of the hostile parties is examined. Our country’s actions in the Middle East are seen as the realisation of a civilizational, historical mission, which is directed to upholding the balance of power in the world.

Yemen: From Blockade to War?

Source: Wikimedia Commons
Source: Wikimedia Commons

On the background of the protracted blockade of Yemen a new strike from the Saudi side has taken place. The Arabian coalition with Riyad at the helm attacked the Houthi’s in the western part of the country. More than fifty militia members have been killed by an airstrike.

Libyan Puzzles: How to Save The country from Self-Destruction


Tuesday, Dec. 12 talks were held in Moscow between foreign minister Sergei Lavrov and the head of Libya’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mohamed Siala. The subject of the discussion was mainly the consolidation of international efforts to stabilise Libya, UN mediation, but also the next elections in the country.

The Russian diplomat remarked separately, that after the latest efforts of representatives of Tripoli and Tobruk an “intensive dialogue” was begun on the modification of the Skhirat agreement, which forms the basis for long term regulation.