The New Zimbabwe

The World Economic Forum Annual Meeting that took place in Davos gave the new Zimbabwean Leader President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa an opportunity to engage the West and clearly establish his position on a number of key issues.

Philosophy of Authority


The irritating fact about modernity is that romanticism with its medieval nostalgia won’t die. The West for all its cyber intelligence and digital empowerment seems incapable to let the medieval world go.

‘What Basis for Unity?’

The calamity that has befallen most of the Native American tribes of North America is an evil that needs to be repented of and atoned for in real, substantive ways:

Wasting Man


Many people have been waiting for this to happen: a reversal of the tide of the sexual revolution in the West. This is particularly true within conservative or Christian communities.

Sex Wars: The Fall of Western Dominance

We live in a period of history in which intensifying gender, race and religious wars are leading to political disputes over nationalism versus globalism and threatening Western liberty with a return to primitive tribalism.

The Origin of Human Robots


In the world full of high-tech devices and endless communications, the only thing which really misses from the scenery is a human being. Presentations and representations appear instead.

Geopolitics of Srebrenica


 The 22 years of “genocide” in Srebrenica has been marked. A day that for Western Mainstream media is "the date of the greatest war crime in Europe after the Second World War". The event which now, we can freely say has a form of ritual.