Enrique J. Refoyo - The life in Donbass today


Enrique J. Refoyo - The life in Donbass today ( conference)

Enrique J. Refoyo tells about the current situation in Donbass, his impressions of a visit to the DPR (Donetsk People`s Republic) as a member of the international delegation in May, 2018 and about the humanitarian situation in Republics.

European right parties to meet in Germany


This Saturday, January 21st, a conference of the Europe of Nations and Freedom movement will take place in Kloblenz, Germany. The event will be attended by up to a thousand participants including the main Eurosceptic politicians from nine European states:  Marine Le Pen from the National Front; Marcel de Graaff from Partij voor de Vrijheid; Matteo Salvini from Lega Nord; Dr. Frauke Petry from Alternative for Germany, as well as other politicians. The conference will focus on the main problems of the European Union and solutions to them.