Deep State

The 'Deep State' Is Fighting Back


A secret civil war is being waged right now in Washington D.C... It is about to have a HUGE impact on our country. We're approaching what will be the most dangerous period in our country's political history since the Great Depression. What could happen next scares me. But I continue to be optimistic that what will unfold will be great for our country.

James George Jatras - The Deep State


Talking about conspiracy theories, I often reminded of the situation that existed here in the United States during the Cold War, when I was a State Department official. Very few people believed that there was such thing as communist ideology. You can't call something a conspiracy when it is happening in a plain sight, when something is out in the open and all the moving parts are there. But it seems that a very few people want to put two and two together and get four, and see what is actually going on.