Donald Trump

Trump: recognition as "princeps huius mundi"


Trump has already given us many surprises. And he brings more and more new ones. Initially, he was rejected by the American establishment, but he decided then to challenge it, and has built his electoral campaign  on anti-globalism. The surprise was that he ventured to do such a step, but even more - a crushing surprise this time - that he became finally President of the United States - POTUS. Almost nobody expected this. Surprise.

First trip of Trump: meaning


May 19 begins the first foreign trip Trump as president. He will visit Saudi Arabia, Israel, the Vatican, and also take part in the NATO summit in Brussels and meet with the leaders of the G7 countries in Sicily. During his first foreign tour, the 45th US president will visit two parts of the world, three centers of three world religions, two eternal cities and four foreign capitals. The trip will last eight days. Trump will participate in four international summits and meet almost all the leaders of countries that the United States considers to be key allies.