The New Nationalism must draw examples from the old, but with a view geared towards a solid future. As such, as the Neo-Eurasianism of today draws from the Eurasianism of Trubetzkoy, the Pan-Slavism of today must draw from the Pan-Slavism of the XIX century, or more specifically, of the Conventions and the viewpoints of all its particular delegates. All of them have a lesson for us, nearly two centuries later.

The Eurasianist Polemic in the Opposition


The possibility of a true ideological synthesis which could perfectly unite the “Bolsheviks” and “Mensheviks”, “nationalists” and “Eurasianists”, and “national-communists”, “national-democrats”, and “ethno-centricists” is already in view. On the level of geopolitics, the opposition’s ideal should be a powerful and supranational continental Empire that is sovereign on the political, strategic, and economic levels. At the level of domestic national policy, the opposition’s ideal should be the full restoration of national justice for the Russian people which has been oppressed and trampled over long decades of an anti-Russian ideology. This in particular means a radical struggle to the last breath against the Russophobic rabble which has now seized power in the country.