Fourth political theory

Priests and Warriors should regain its essential position


I consider Martin Heidegger as greatest philosopher. But there is explicit part in his writings and implicit. He has devellopped the philosophical basis for many different applications that he didn’t make himself. So I found in Heidegger the principles of political philosophy that is given only as the some allusions, hints, remarks, but we can deduce it from the general context of his philosophy.

The Fourth Political Theory and the Italian Logos


I admire Italy, or more precisely the many societies, cultures, peoples, and states comprising the history of Italy from the Etruscans and Roman Empire to the Vatican and Risorgimento. I dedicated a separate book to the “Latin Logos,” where I expressed my love for the Italian spirit and for the beauty of dramatic and elevated Italian thought.

Tibor Imre Baranyi: The Fourth Political Theory as alternative


Thanks to the philosopher and theologian Tibor Imre Baranyi, the book by Alexander Dugin, "The Fourth Political Theory," is now available in Hungarian. As Dr. Baranyi said, this book can provide a real alternative system in the present unipolar world.

"As I also said at the book presentation, this book is such a joy that those who are sympathetic to it, or who understand its content, should open a bottle of champagne to celebrate it.

The Realm of the Fourth Political Theory: Contributions


The culture of our days has been debased and, therefore, has become weak, so it produces feeble humans—and here rises the invitation, sometimes irresistible, to the fabricating of another species, the post-human. It is supposed to be genetically superior, with the replacement of organs, limbs or facial traces that do not go “accordingly”, with microchips that can access all information available (but, then again, only the available information, the question here being: who controls its availability?) and so on.

This is an important thing to have in mind because we have been incessantly told, at least in the last century, that we are weak. Anything can traumatize us—this is stressed—whilst the opposite is said to be untrue, once customarily signs of strength and a solid character are considered rude in our days.

So, here is our proposal: we want to bring awareness to the need of building with all our hearts, with all our souls and with all our power the identity, the values, the behavior, the institutions, the language of the People we want to be. It is a call for taking action and responsibility for one’s own historical destiny, which only happens in the communitarian realm and not in the "cozy loneliness" of our computers screens. This whole idea has to become something palpable, recognizable, something that real persons can relate to, understand, cherish, live in their daily lives.


The Fourth Political Theory and the Problem of the Devil


When we reject the political philosophy of the Mother, we do not fall into nothingness and chaos. We still have two very effective political-philosophical models. If we did not know the political philosophy of the Father and the political philosophy of the Son, then flowing along this “river” might not be so repulsive and, perhaps, we might agree to it given the absence of the very capacity to choose another direction - there is nothing out of the horror.