Fourth political theory

Priests and Warriors should regain its essential position


I consider Martin Heidegger as greatest philosopher. But there is explicit part in his writings and implicit. He has devellopped the philosophical basis for many different applications that he didn’t make himself. So I found in Heidegger the principles of political philosophy that is given only as the some allusions, hints, remarks, but we can deduce it from the general context of his philosophy.

The Fourth Political Theory and the Italian Logos


I admire Italy, or more precisely the many societies, cultures, peoples, and states comprising the history of Italy from the Etruscans and Roman Empire to the Vatican and Risorgimento. I dedicated a separate book to the “Latin Logos,” where I expressed my love for the Italian spirit and for the beauty of dramatic and elevated Italian thought.

Tibor Imre Baranyi: The Fourth Political Theory as alternative


Thanks to the philosopher and theologian Tibor Imre Baranyi, the book by Alexander Dugin, "The Fourth Political Theory," is now available in Hungarian. As Dr. Baranyi said, this book can provide a real alternative system in the present unipolar world.

"As I also said at the book presentation, this book is such a joy that those who are sympathetic to it, or who understand its content, should open a bottle of champagne to celebrate it.