The Maastricht Treaty that laid the formal groundwork for the present-day European Union was signed on 7 February 1992, only six weeks after the formal dissolution of the Soviet Union.

What is White Genocide?


With the rise of the Alt-Right comes the theory of White Genocide “which contends that mass immigration, racial integration, miscegenation, low fertility rates, abortion, organized violence and eliminationism are being promoted in predominantly wh

Globalists Use Culture Decay Against Russia

The subversion of traditional morality, custom and religion in targeted societies has been an integral part of the globalist agenda, indicated by the grant-making trends of organisations such as the Open Society Foundations, founded by globalist

For Olga

When I was born 42 years ago, the nationalist factor seemed to lose its importance in the face of the geopolitical competition between the two blocks in a practical dimension and even stronger emphasis on human rights issues in the propaganda an

Bilderberg2017: The globalist gathering in the US


The next meeting of the Bilderberg group opened in the American town of Chantilly in the state of Virginia. The event will be attended by 131 representatives of globalist circles from around the world. This time, since the meeting is held in the United States, the citizens of this country are predominant.