The ways of return in the twentieth century

Martin Heidegger and Ruhollah Khomeini, although with due differences, have embodied in the last century an idea of revolution interpreted as a 'return' to an existential condition in which physical and metaphysical order were not hopelessly spl

Priests and Warriors should regain its essential position


I consider Martin Heidegger as greatest philosopher. But there is explicit part in his writings and implicit. He has devellopped the philosophical basis for many different applications that he didn’t make himself. So I found in Heidegger the principles of political philosophy that is given only as the some allusions, hints, remarks, but we can deduce it from the general context of his philosophy.

Encounter with Heidegger: An Invitation to Journey


In order to understand Heidegger, we must learn to perform two operations, to which the aforementioned peculiarities of his thinking lead us.  In the first place, we must listen attentively to his language.  Heidegger thinks not with concepts or categories, but with words.