Trump and Italy


The results of the mid-term US elections have confirmed the political line of Donald Trump and we can therefore say that the deplorables of Hillary "Killary" Clinton have decided to give confidence once again to the current tenant of the

They sense the end

Photo - Wikipedia
Photo - Wikipedia

The city of Rome is experiencing a civil rebirth that has no equal in the contemporary history of our country and the merit is largely of its brave and intelligent mayor, the wonderful and wonderful Virginia Raggi.

Something is moving

Photo - PxHere
Photo - PxHere

The actions of the government that came out of the polls in March 2018 are slowly taking shape, giving not a few surprises to all its citizens.

A government at work

Photo - Flickr
Photo - Flickr

The Italian political elections of the past March 4th produced a coalition government between the Northern League of Matteo Salvini and the 5 Stars Movement.

The last stand of the pro-German Mattarella

The presidential veto to the appointment of Paolo Savona as Minister of Economy has killed the M5S-League government in the bud: it is a temporary stop because the parliamentary stalemate will inevitably force to dissolve the Chambers and call f

Italian miseries

In the tension of this apparently eternal post-vote of March 4th, the characteristics of the Italian spirit began to stand out.