On Kurdish identity


I am invited to deliver a lecture concerning geopolitics of the Kurdish region, of Kurdish people, concerning Kurdish identity – how we understand it in the geopolitical science, the ethno-sociological science I am developing in Russia. It is my first visit in Iraq and in Kurdistan and the Kurdish area, to Erbil. I am very happy because it is the first time I get to know better Kurds, to understand desires of Kurdish people, to speak with different personalities of academic circles, of political circles. It is a first meeting with the Kurdish people. I know some Kurds in Russia and elsewhere, but it is the first time that I am in the land of Kurds, that is very important. In my understanding, in my geopolitical vision, we need to have a taste of the earth, of the land. Because, in order to understand identity of the people, we need first of all to make acquaintance with the soil, with the earth, because every identity has roots and in order to better understand Kurdish identity and the future of Kurdistan, we need to be there on the ground, I would say.